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The Rhinegau is world famous for a variety of festivals and trans-regional popular events. Here you can find  a selection of them. Look forward to interesting meetings, fizzy wines and good food, a lot of music and fun!


    Events in and around Hattenheim and Eltville:

  • March
    Easter egg market (Kloster Eberbach)
  • April
    spring festival (Eltville)
    gourmand weeks (in the whole Rhinegau)
  • May
    gourmand weeks (in the whole Rhinegau)
  • June
    Days of roses (Eltville)
    wood street festival (Eltville)
    strawberry festival (Erbach)
    Rhinegau Music Festival (in the whole Rhinegau)
  • July
    Sparkling wine- and Biedermeier festival (Eltville)
    Wine festival (Martinsthal)
    Rhinegau Music Festival (in the whole Rhinegau)
  • August
    castle festival (Hattenheim)
    parish fair and wine festival (Rauenthal)
    Rheingau Music Festival (in the whole Rhinegau)
  • September
    parish fair festival (Erbach)
  • October
    harvest festival (Eltville)
    parish fair festival (Hattenheim)
  • November
    glorious Rhinegau days (in the whole Rhinegau)
  • December
    christmas market 1. Advent (Erbach)
    christmas market 2. Advent (Eltville)


    Other intesting events nearby:

  • April
    spring festival Wiesbaden (Elsässer Platz)
    Ball of the wine (Wiesbaden)
    Reduit rumpus with middle ages market (Mainz-Kastell)
    Ball of the wine (Schloss Johannisberg)
  • May
    rhine in flames (Bonn)
    Oldtimer Ralley Wiesbaden
    Assmannshausen in red (wine festival)
    children sunday (Rüdesheim am Rhein)
  • June
    Magic Bike Rüdesheim (Rüdesheim am Rhein)
    Oestricher Dippemarkt
    Mainzer Johannisnacht
    Tal-to-Tal (highway Rüdesheim bis Koblenz)
    Flötenweg wander days (Oestrich-Winkel)
    Riesling festival (Kiedrich)
  • July
    rhine in flames (Rüdesheim-Bingen)
    Hochheimer wine festival
    Hilchenfestival (Lorch)
    Lindenfestival (Geisenheim)
    Jazz week in Winkel (Oestrich-Winkel)
  • August
    wine festival Walluf
    wine festival Hallgarten
    Rüdesheimer wine festival (Rüdesheim am Rhein)
    Rhinegauer wine week (Wiesbaden)
    rhine in flames (Spay-Koblenz)
    Rhinegauer Mountain-Bike-Marathon
    music festival Hallgarten
  • September
    rhine in flames (Oberwesel)
    Schiersteiner harbour festival (Wiesbaden, Hafen)
    rhine in flames (St. Goar-St. Goarshausen)
  • October
    Days of the Federweissen (Rüdesheim am Rhein)
  • November
    Hochheimer Markt
  • December
    christmas market of nations (Rüdesheim am Rhein)
We present only a variety of events and assert no claim of completeness! If you miss an event or a festival please send us an e-mail!


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