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The Rhinegau offers a variety of free time activities! Here is just a sample of things to do and see. Feel free to contact us if you need help for your holiday planning!

  • Kloster Eberbach - experience the mystic heritage of the distercian monks! The monastery is especially famous for the movie "The name of the rose" with Sean Connery which was shot here
  • Rheinsteig® - wandern on higher grounds 320 km between Bonn, Koblenz und Wiesbaden along predominantly narrow paths and challenging inclines, uphill and downhill, leading to forests, vineyards and spectacular views
  • Rhine shipping - between Eltville and Koblenz there are a lot of  cruise vessels which invite to discover the incomparable and beautiful landscape from a very special point of view
  • Niederwalddenkmal - The "Germania" was build in 1871 and is located above Rüdesheim am Rhein. The 38m high statue is deemed to be the landmark of our region. You can reach it by car (car parking behind the statue) or with the cable car (valley station in the pedestrian area of Rüdesheim)
  • Torture museum -view the instruments used for torture in the middle ages. Learn about the methods of torture, witches, funeral piles, witch-hunts, witchcraft, the Inquisition, and the Medieval punishments (Rüdesheim am Rhein)
  • Ponyland Ebental - a family friendly free time paradise inbetween a lovely countryside above Rüdesheim with sulky rides, horse-drawn caravan rides, helicopter flights, nature camping and much more
  • Siegfrieds Mechanical Musiccabinett - unique museum for mechanical music instruments above the Drosselgasse in Rüdesheim
  • Rüdesheimer Winzerexpress - enjoy the wineyards and a lot of more sights in Rüdesheim with the incomparable noddy train!
  • Taunus Wunderland - amusement park nearby Schlangenbad; fun and adventure for the whole family!
  • Wunderkiste - Indoor-, fun and game park with a lot of possibilities for children up from 2 years old
  • Kisselmühle - Lama- und Alpaca farm yard
  • Rhinegauer wine museum Brömserburg (Rüdesheim am Rhein): wine culture and history presented in the more than 1.000 year old Brömserburg castle - one of the oldest castle at the Rhine
Furthermore countless monasteries, castles and mansions are inviting for exploration, stay and discovery. You can find open-air baths in Eltville, Rüdesheim and Hallgarten, an indoor swimming pool in Geisenheim; adventure pools/thermal baths are located between Ingelheim and Bingen (Rheinwelle), in Wiesbaden (Kaiser-Friedrich-Therme) and Hofheim (Rhein-Main-Therme).
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